INTUNE CBD Drinks Review

INTUNE CBD Drinks Review

This week’s Hemp CBD product review and up this time we have the CBD drinks from INTUNE.

INTUNE are a brand of sparkling CBD infused fruit and botanical drinks/mixers.

INTUNES CBD Drinks come in three different flavours including Grapefruit & Mint, Elderflower & Hops and Pomegranate & Ginger.

Each can contains 10mg of active CBD (Cannabidiol) from premium quality Hemp grown naturally outdoors.

Only 43 calories per can.

INTUNE – Pomegranate & Ginger CBD Drink

INTUNE CBD Drinks Pomegrante & Ginger Review

INTUNE – Elderflower & Hops CBD Drink

INTUNE CBD Drinks Elderflower & Hops Review

INTUNE CBD Drinks Elderflower & Hops Review

INTUNE – Grapefruit & Mint CBD Drink

INTUNE CBD Drinks Grapefruit & Mint Review

The CBD Blogger Review

Firstly I would like to start off once again by saying many thanks to INTUNE for generously gifting us some samples of their CBD drinks for reviewing on the blog.

This was my first time trying INTUNE’s CBD infused carbonated beverages, so I was really looking forward to reviewing some CBD drinks here again at The CBD Blog as it had been some time.

I stumbled upon INTUNE a few months back when I was searching for new CBD drinks brands and really loved the look of their brand and their design.

Taste & Flavours:

All three flavours of the INTUNE CBD Drinks were delicious and as such it is very difficult to pick out which one was my favorite, as they were all very tasty.

The Pomegranate and Ginger is very refreshing and has a mild zingy kick to it due to the inclusion of the ginger.

The Elderflower and Hops was also really refreshing, really nice chilled cold and I would say it was my favorite of the three flavours overall.  Will definitely be picking up more soon in the future.

Great flavours overall and would recommend to try all three.


I can really attest to how effective the INTUNE CBD Drinks are.

I had really bad anxiety and was very stressed on the day I received my INTUNE CBD Drinks and I noticed after about less than a quarter of the can that my nervous system had completely relaxed and that my anxiety/stress levels had reduced dramatically.

The INTUNE drinks have that really nice classic, calming, chilled out CBD effect, but without being tiring so you can still remain functional, unlike some CBD products.

For 10mg active CBD content I was really impressed with the potency and the effect, especially as its in a drink format.

Often I consume CBD drinks more as a novelty rather than for medicinal application, but the INTUNE drinks are more than potent enough to be used medicinally.

The CBD effect is much stronger than many 25mg CBD capsules and gummies I have tried as a comparison for judging potency.

I suspect the reason why the INTUNE drinks are much more potent than other CBD beverages as it contains the likes of soya lecithin, which in theory should increase the absorption of the CBD (Cannabidiol).

Overall the INTUNE CBD Drinks have a really nice calming, relaxing and anti-anxiety effect. Very effective and the effect just compliments the great taste.


Overall big fan of the INTUNE CBD Drinks and can’t wait to try their CBD mixer range next so see how they compare, as they look amazing also.

Definitely the most effective carbonated CBD infused sparkling drink on the market that I have tried so far and great flavours too.

At only 43 calories per can and 4% sugar they are suited to those on healthy diets also.

Would definitely recommend the INTUNE drinks to anyone looking for good tasting and effective CBD beverages.



£29.99 per 12x 250ml cans


Grapefruit & Mint Flavour:

Spring water, quince Juice from concentrate, beet sugar, Citric acid, natural passion fruit and grapefruit and mint flavourings, CBD botanical extract, emulsifier: soya lecithin (soya lecithinis used to make our cbd water soluble).

Elderflower & Hops Flavour:

Spring water, apple juice from concentrate, beet sugar,citric acid, natural rose and elderflower and hop flavourings, cbd botanical extract, emulsifier: soya lecithin (soya lecithin is used to make our cbd water soluble)

Pomegranate & Ginger Flavour:

Spring water, apple juice from concentrate, beet sugar, plum juice from concentrate, citric acid, natural ginger and pomegranate and black pepper flavourings, CBD botanical extract, emulsifier: soya lecithin (soya lecithinis used to make our cbd water soluble).

10mg of fully traceable, top quality hemp CBD (cannabidiol)

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase check out INTUNE Drinks at: INTUNE Drinks

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