McChrystal’s CBD Snuff Review

McChrystals CBD Snuff Review

This week’s Hemp CBD product review and up this time we have the CBD infused tobacco snuff from McChrystal’s.

McChrystal’s are a manufacturer of nasal tobacco snuff and have been producing their high quality snuff since 1926.

They have taken their Original & Genuine snuff infused it with 20mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) per tin.

With THC levels of < 0.05%.

The finely ground tobacco is infused with the CBD to create a relaxing and pleasant experience when sniffed.

Made from the highest quality tobacco and natural flavours, McChrystal’s snuff has been so popular that it has won awards in recent years, taking awards in the SnuffStore Championships both in 2019 and 2020.

McChrystal's CBD Snuff Review

A closer look at the CBD infused Tobacco Snuff from McChrystal’s

McChrystal's CBD Snuff Review

The CBD Blogger Review

Firstly I would like to start off the review by once again saying many thanks to McChrystal’s UK for generously gifting us samples of their amazing CBD infused snuff and their original/flavored varieties to review here at The CBD Blog.

I am a complete newbie to nasal tobacco snuff and have been eyeing up McChrystal’s original snuff for many years now.

I must admit I didn’t know entirely what to make of the CBD snuff on my first few attempts having never used it previously, but after much sampling over the past couple of weeks I have absolutely grown to love the stuff.

Having now tried both their CBD infused snuff and their original non CBD varieties, I can say the addition of CBD really takes these snuffs to another level, especially if you are a lover of Cannabidiol as I am myself.


The McChrystal’s CBD snuff has an awesome cooling menthol flavour, along with the woody, cedar tones that you get from the tobacco snuff itself.

The icy frosty menthol really adds a nice sensation when inhaling and is part of the enjoyment for me.

Having tried many of McChrystal’s flavoured snuffs which are also really good, their original menthol recipe is still my favorite so far.


The effect of the McChrystal’s CBD snuff is amazing and very interesting.

You get the mild CNS stimulant and mood elevating effects from the nicotine, balanced out with the calming effects from the CBD (Cannabidiol).

I really love using McChrystal’s CBD snuffs for when I’m in dire need of a boost of both energy and mood.

I find a small pinch really helps increase your concentration, energy, mood and balanced out with the relaxing, anti-anxiety effects of CBD, its an all round winner in my opinion.

A really nice balanced synergistic effect overall between the nicotine and CBD.

I would say they have got the concentration of CBD spot on here at 20mg per the tin.  Although I would be highly interested in trying stronger varieties if they were to release in the future.

It can slightly sting when inhaling into the nasal passage if done incorrectly or if using too large amounts, so I prefer the technique of rubbing a small pinch into the nasal passage whilst simultaneously inhaling.

The CBD snuff produces an instantaneous very enjoyable sensation that comes on extremely quickly.  Very enjoyable in the evening for unwinding and a nice mood and energy boost as stated.


A massive fan of McChrystals CBD Snuffs and their snuffs in general.  A really fun, unique and novel way to consume CBD and tobacco also.

You get a generous amount in the large tin and at just £4.00 it is a very well priced product.

The tin is so packed with CBD snuff that I would recommend to give it a small tap to level the ground snuff powder before popping the lid open, that way you don’t lose any valuable product.

Maybe not a CBD product for everyone, especially given that it is combined with nicotine, but for those that enjoy both in moderation, I would highly recommend giving McChrystal’s CBD snuff a try.



£4.00 per tin

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase check out McChrystal’s at: McChrystal’s CBD Snuff

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