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Green Karat PV T28 Pavé S1 Medical Cannabis Flower Review

We have a special medical cannabis flower review post this week here at The CBD Blog and up this time we have the Pavé S1 from Green Karat.

Green Karat are a high-end craft cannabis grower and Health Canada licensed producer, based in Québec, Canada.

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing their Pave S1.

The Pave S1 is a balanced 50/50 (Indica/Sativa) Hybrid, crossed with the parent strains: Paris OG (hybrid) x The Menthol (hybrid).

Green Karat PV T28 Pavé S1 Medical Cannabis Flower Review

Green Karat PV T28 Pavé S1 Medical Cannabis Flower Review

The CBD Blogger Review

I would like to start off the review as always by saying a huge thanks to the generous individual who provided me the sample.

This was actually my first time having the pleasure of finally sampling some of the medical cannabis flower that is currently on offer in the United Kingdom.

As a medical user of marijuana, I have been extremely eager for some time now to try medical grade cannabis flower, mostly to see how the quality compared to the local product that goes about.

I am a massive consumer of flower and it’s my primary format of ingesting marijuana currently for medicinal purposes.

Taste, Flavour & Smell:

What better place to start off the review than with the pungent aroma of the Pave S1 as soon as you crack open the pack.

The Pave S1 has that really nice pungent, earthy, gassy and menthol terpenes that I often associate with the US/import/”Cali” type strains that go about locally such as Zoap.

The menthol was definitely the most dominant in the flavour.  Very tasty!

Something I was very impressed with, was how flavourful the medical flower is compared to the majority of local flower that goes about, which can often be completely “dead” and in the process of losing its flavour by the time you get it.

Every inhale was packed with flavour and terpenes.

Flavour and taste gets a definite 10 out of 10 on this one.

Flavour profile: Menthol, Earthy, Gassy


I could tell even looking through the pack that the Pave S1 was very high-quality flower from how glistening with trichomes the buds were.

Nice dense buds of all flower, with some purple hues coming through in the colour along with the classic orange pistils.

The pictures and camera didn’t really do this one justice, but you can tell the buds are very fresh and well-cured.

I would give this one an 9 out of 10 on the cure and quality of the buds.


Next up we have the effect of the Pave S1.

The Pave S1 has a reported THC content of around 25.2-30.8% and with how much of a potent punch it packs in effect it’s not difficult to believe.

The Pave S1 has definitely been one of the strongest strains I have sampled in a long time as far as THC strength goes.

I require high THC to manage lots of my PTSD, major depression and CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) symptoms and I find many of the local strains can often be severely lacking in the strength of THC I need medicinally.

I would say the Pave S1 was equally, if not even more potent than the very top-end premium strains that go about locally i.e whats referred to as “US/Import/”Cali” type strains such as the proper Zoap, RS11 and other strains that have that very distinctive terpene profile and strong effect.

As far as effect and strength goes, the Pave S1 gets a definite 10 out of 10.  I’ve not come across flower that is much more potent or cerebral in effect in recent years.


I was extremely impressed with my first venture into sampling medical grade cannabis flower.

As a medical user of marijuana who has chronic illnesses that span over decades, that are poorly and/or not managed at all by conventional allopathic medicine, cannabis not only relieves the burden of many of my symptoms, but significantly improves the quality of my life.

Poor product and the ever-increasing extortionate prices of local flower, means I will definitely be looking into the medical prescription route in the near future as it not only appears much more economical price wise, but the quality on offer is equally if not better.

Overall really impressed with the Pave S1 and would love to sample more of Green Karat’s product in the future.



  • Strain Name: Pave S1
  • Vendor: Green Karat
  • THC Content: 25.2-30.8%
  • CBD Content: <1%

External Sources/Links:

Green Karat PV T28 Pavé S1 Medical Cannabis Flower – MedBud Wiki

Green Karat – Official Website

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