Voyager CBD – CBD Bath Bombs Bliss Set (Soothing Spa Day, Mulled Spice & Woodland Walk) Review

Voyager CBD - CBD Bath Bombs Bliss Set (Soothing Spa Day, Mulled Spice & Woodland Walk) Review

This week’s CBD product review and up this time we have the CBD Bath Bombs Bliss Set from Voyager CBD.

Voyager CBD are a United Kingdom CBD company, established in Perth, Scotland in 2020.

They produce a vast range of natural, plant-based Hemp and CBD products from CBD Oils to CBD Gummies to their topical CBD Skincare range, CBD Soaps and much more.

Voyager CBD describe their 150mg CBD Bath Bomb Bliss Set as:

Infuse your bath with bliss using our new CBD Soothing Spa Bath Bomb – crafted with care using a special blend of hemp-derived CBD (150mg), Epsom salts for muscle tension relief, nourishing jojoba oil, kaolin clay for oil absorption and impurity removal, along with essential oils and potent botanical extracts.

Voyager CBD – Soothing Spa Day CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD - Soothing Spa Day CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD - Soothing Spa Day CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD – Mulled Spice CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD - Mulled Spice CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD - Mulled Spice CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD – Woodland Walk CBD Bath Bomb

Voyager CBD - Woodland Walk CBD Bath Bomb

The CBD Blogger Review

Firstly, I would like to start off the review as always by saying a huge thanks to the Voyager CBD team for kindly providing the samples of their CBD bath bombs.

I was very generously offered the chance last winter to review Voyager CBD’s new range of Christmas scented 150mg CBD Bath Bombs.

The range included three scents including Soothing Spa Day, Mulled Wine and Woodland Walk.

This was my first time trying Voyager CBD’s products and as a fellow Scottish CBD business, I’ve been really looking forward to trying their products for a long time now, especially as they have physical store in my hometown of Dundee also.

Another thing I really like about Voyager CBD’s products as a fan of plant and botanical medicine is the natural ingredients that they use in their range.

Anyway, let’s get right into reviewing Voyager CBD’s 150mg CBD Bath Bombs.

Top Quality Crafted CBD Bath Bombs!

What better place to start off the review than with how well crafted Voyager CBD’s Bath Bombs are.

I have sampled many different brands of CBD Bath Bombs now over the past few years, and Voyagers are definitely the highest quality crafted CBD Bath Bomb that I have had the pleasure of reviewing so far here at The CBD Blog.

Voyager’s CBD Bath Bombs are also some of the most visually and aesthetically pleasing CBD Bath Bombs I have come across, and they pack some size too.

They fizz away for ages, unlike some other CBD Bath Bombs that dissolve before you know it.

Three Scents (Soothing Spa Day, Woodland Walk & Mulled Wine)

Voyager’s CBD Christmas scented CBD Infused Bath Bombs come in three lovely scents including Soothing Spa Day, Mulled Spice and Woodland Walk.

Of the three different scents, my personal favourite was definitely the Soothing Spa Day, which is one of the best scented bath bombs I have tried to date.

The Soothing Spa Day has what I would describe as a really nice, uplifting, revitalizing aroma, what I’d expect and hope from a therapeutic smelling CBD Bath Bomb.  Leaves you feeling really refreshed afterwards.

The Woodland Walk was my second favourite, and has what I would describe as a woody, masculine sort of aroma, which was really nice too.

The Mulled Wine was probably my least favourite of the three scents, but that’s only because I’m not a huge mulled wine fan, the scent however was very authentic and was perfect for the Christmas time of year.  The rich red colours also made for a very interesting bath experience.


One of the best benefits of Voyager CBD’s Bath Bombs is the diverse therapeutic effect they provide.

I have tried quite a few different manufacturers of CBD Bath Bombs now and Voyager’s definitely produce one of the most potent medicinal effect.

Each Bath Bomb contains 150mg of Hemp derived CBD Isolate, making it suitable for those who wish to avoid THC entirely.

I find Voyager CBD’s Bath Bombs to be very effective for relaxing, sore, tired, painful muscles over other bath bomb brands, which is probably likely in part due to the epsom salts they contain.

The synergy between the epsom salts, CBD (Cannabidiol) and other natural ingredients such as the essential oils provides an all-round therapeutic, nice, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Voyager CBD’s Bath Bombs also have a really nice moisturizing effect, leaves your skin feeling really silky, smooth afterwards.


Overall, the Soothing Spa Day 150mg CBD Bath Bomb by Voyager CBD is a must-have for anyone looking to unwind and pamper themselves.

Very well-crafted CBD Bath Bombs, nice refreshing/revitalizing scents and an excellent therapeutic/medicinal effect.

I have also had the pleasure of experimenting with many of Voyager CBD other Hemp and CBD infused skincare products since reviewing their bath bombs.

I was so impressed with the quality of their products, that we proudly have added some of Voyagers CBD Bath Bombs, along with many of their other products such as their CBD Soaps and CBD Shampoo Soap Bars to our Area 51 CBD Lab Online Shop.

Highly recommend any of our readers interested in natural, plant-based/botanical inspired Hemp/CBD products to head on over and check out the Voyager CBD range.



CBD Bath Bomb 2 Pack Bliss Set – RRP – £15.00

CBD Bath Bomb Bliss – Individual – RRP – £7.50



Where To Purchase

To purchase Voyager CBD’s products, check out their Official website at: Voyager CBD

Voyager CBD’s Bath Bombs and other CBD skincare products are also available to purchase from our sister website Area 51 CBD Lab at: Voyager CBD Products

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