Improved Health LTD – 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen

Improved Health LTD - 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen

This week’s CBD product review and up this time we have the 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen from Improved Health LTD.

Improved Health LTD are a retailer of a wide range of CBD, Cannabinoid and various natural supplements from medicinal mushrooms to seamoss.

The 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen is a unique and exclusive product for Improved Health.

Improved Health describe their Sour Space Candy 70% CBD Rosin Vape Pen as:

Improved Health Sour Space Candy 70% CBD Rosin Vape Pen Review

We searched for the best CBD hemp strain to create these.

After searching high and low, we found the best tasting, terpene bursting strain we could find.

We pressed this strain at low temperatures to capture the unique flavour profile.

After this process, we stored and cured our rosin for 6 months to create the beautiful terpene profile it has today. 

Here’s a little about the strain we used –

Sour Space Candy is a rare, evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa).

Sour Space Candy has a tasty sweet fruity candy flavour with a surprising punch of diesel and black pepper upon exhale.  The aroma takes an earthier turn, with fruity sour candy, sharp citrus and black pepper mixing together for a heavy stench.

Improved Health LTD - 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen

Improved Health LTD - 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen

Improved Health LTD - 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen

The CBD Blogger Review

As always, I would like to start off the review by saying a huge thanks to the Improved Health LTD team for providing the samples and the continued support.

What better place to start than with the disposable vape device itself.

I have tested quite a few different brands of CBD Disposable Vape Pens here now at The CBD Blog, and this specific style of vape device is definitely one of my favourites so far.

It fits perfectly and snugly in the palm of your hand, and has a nice cylindrical design.  Comes in white colour.

The bottom of the vape pen also lights up white as you are inhaling, which is pretty sweet for when you are vaping in the dark at night.

Taste & Flavour:

Flavour wise, the Sour Space Candy Disposable Vape Pen has the nice classic tasty hashy, cannabis terpenes.

You do get a very mild sour twinge on the exhalation at times, hence the name, but overall it’s the hashy, cannabis terps that dominate for taste.

The Sour Space Candy Disposable Vape Pen is definitely one of the smoothest vape pens on the throat I have tested in recent months also.

This is a question I’m getting more and more often as people ask for product recommendations, as many consumers I find don’t like the tickly vapes on the throat.

So I would definitely recommend Improved Health’s Sour Space Candy Rosin CBD Vape Pen for those looking for one of the smoothest CBD Vapes.

There’s no MCT, Vitamin E, PG or VG in the Sour Space Candy Disposable Vape Pen, which is another plus for those looking for the cleanest and most natural tasting CBD products.

Great flavour overall if you crave a true natural cannabis flavour.

Flavour profile: Sour, Hashy, Cannabis


For me, the 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen from Improved Health is a one to two hitter for me dosage wise.

This makes the vape pen a very economical choice for medicating CBD and has lasted me months of daily to weekly testing.

One of the things I always love about testing Improved Health’s products is that I find the CBD they use in their products to produce a very nice, therapeutic effect for health.

This is consistent over all their products I have tried, from their CBD capsules/oils to CBD extracts.

The Sour Space Candy CBD Disposable Vape Pen has that classic, mildly relaxing, anti-anxiety, nervine calming CBD effect. Not too tiring or lethargic as many of the stronger CBD disposable vape pens can often be.

The Sour Space Candy has an uplifting, full spectrum-esque CBD effect.

One to two vapes can be all I require to help maintain my health, anxiety and manage some of my CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) symptoms.

Another benefit to using vaping as a form of ingesting CBD is that the effect can often be near instantaneous or very quick for onset, compared to oral capsules etc

The hit is just so smooth from the Sour Space Candy CBD Vape Pen that I think it just adds to the whole pleasure factor, it almost hits like a real vape pen for smoothness and authentic throat hit.


The 70% CBD Sour Space Candy Rosin Vape Pen from Improved Health LTD has been one of the best overall disposable CBD vape pens that I have had the pleasure of reviewing for a long time.

A really enjoyable vape pen overall.

Everything from the vape pen design to the smoothness of the hit to the flavour and therapeutic healthy effect, the 70% CBD Rosin Vape Pen ticks all the boxes.

This specific vape pen style has definitely been one of my favourites as mentioned, it just adds to the overall pleasurable experience of this vape.

So I really hope Improved Health continue to use these type of vape pens for their future products, as I really rate them over the usual flat design CCELL style disposable vape pens that dominate the market.

I would definitely recommend our readers to head on over to Improved Health LTD and check out their wide range of CBD and health supplements, their prices are some of the best on the UK market also.





• Full Spectrum CBD Rosin

• Cured For Six Months

• No Additives or Preservatives

• 1ml Vape Pen

• USBc Fully Rechargeable Vape Pen

• Bursting With Natural Occurring Terpenes

Cannabinoid Content:

CBD Cannabidiol 41,05%

CBDA Cannabidiolic acid 7.64%

CBDV Cannabidivarin 1,88%

CBG Cannabigerol 3,97%

CBN Cannabinol 2,76%

Total – 70,60%

Where To Purchase

To purchase Improved Health LTD products, check out their official website at: Improved Health LTD

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