High Alpine Genetics – Legendary Banana Mac #6 CBD Flower Review

High Alpine Genetics - Legendary Banana Mac #6 CBD Flower Review

We have another unique CBD flower review this week and up this time we have the top quality Legendary Banana Mac #6 from High Alpine Genetics.

High Alpine Genetics are a purveyor of small batch, mountain grown, high cbd seeds for farmers with a higher standard of living. Winning genetics.

They describe their Legendary Banana Mac #6 as:

Hints of Banana and and Skunk on a canvas of densely laden trichomes.

High Alpine Genetics - LBMAC #6 CBD Flower Review

High Alpine Genetics - LBMAC #6 CBD Flower Review

High Alpine Genetics - Legendary Banana Mac #6 CBD Flower Review

The CBD Blogger Review

I’d like to start off the review by saying a huge thanks to my bro Psydank on Instagram for generously providing the samples.

I have been eyeing up trying High Alpine Genetics product for a long time now, mainly due to seeing other CBD reviewers in the movement sharing the exceptional quality on offer.

I likely would have not got the chance to try High Alpine Genetics goodies any time soon, so really much appreciate providing both the Legendary Banana Mac #6 and #7 (Review for the latter still to come).


What better place to kick-start off the review than with the top quality cure and appearance of the Legendary Banana Mac #6.

This is some exceptionally well grown CBD flower, in fact it could well be some of the best I have encountered to date.

The buds are absolutely caked in trichomes, more so than half the “real THC flower” that goes about these days.

Structure wise, the LBMAC #6 highly resembles the classic old school skunky strains.

You have that classic thick stem, with frosty buds.  Little to no trim/leaf, just all out trichome caked flower.

Taste, Smell & Flavour:

As soon as you open the bag, you are greeted with the authentic classic skunky cannabis terpenes from the Legendary Banana Mac #6.

The LBMAC #6 smells absolutely amazing for CBD flower, in fact it smells more authentic and skunky than 90% of the “real flower” I encounter these days.

Upon grinding and breaking up the Legendary Banana Mac #6 by hand, it released a sour citrus to cannabis aroma.

The LBMAC #6 also left my hands smelling very skunky and resinous, much like proper old school weed used too.

I had the pleasure of sampling this one both in the Volcano Vaporizer and smoked in a cone, both methods brought out the flavour perfectly.

The Volcano Vaporizer brought out the skunky, spicy, cannabis terpenes in the flavour more.

Whilst smoked in a cone, the sour citrus cannabis terps were more dominant in the taste.

Great flavour and taste overall.

Flavour profile: Skunky, Cannabis, Sour Citrus


As mentioned above I had the pleasure of sampling the Legendary Banana Mac #6 both using my Volcano Vaporizer and smoked in a cone.

It’s amazing how the different methods slightly brought out different effects here.

I had a nice vape of the LBMAC #6 in the Volcano one evening and it packed a potent strong Indica CBD effect, quite heavy in the eyes and a good mood boost.

Whereas, I smoked the cone of LBMAC #6 during the day for a change and it had a more balanced uplifting effect, whilst making for a great day time strain.

The LBMAC #6 had a very dreamy, relaxing CBD effect and I found it to be very moreish.

Sometimes I don’t smoke a cone all in one go, but with the LBCMAC #6 I just sat in the garden and kept dreaming away smoking.

Really pleasurable and potent effect for high CBD flower.


Sometimes you can just tell by looking and smelling bud that its going to be top quality flower, and the Legendary Banana Mac #6 from High Alpine Genetics was definitely one of these strains.

Everything from the standard of how the flower was grown to the exceptional cure and how caked this strain is in trichomes for CBD still blows me away.

Definitely one of the best and cleanest tasting CBD flower I have sampled to date.  No bitterness, just sour, citrus to all out skunky cannabis terpenes on this one.

The effect is extremely satisfying and strong for a high CBD flower.

Would definitely recommend High Alpine Genetics for anyone interested in high CBD strains.  Definitely one of the market leaders in CBD for sure!



  • Strain Name: LBMAC #6
  • Vendor: High Alpine Genetics

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase check out High Alpine Genetics at: High Alpine Genetics

For informational purposes only. Not intended for any other purposes, implied or otherwise.


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