Originals CBD – Banana Kush CBD Flower Review

Originals CBD - Banana Kush CBD Flower Review

This week’s CBD flower review and up this time we have the stress busting Banana Kush from Originals CBD.

Originals CBD are a relatively new United Kingdom based company, specializing in premium quality CBD flower.

They currently stock a wide range of CBD strains including Apple Punch, White Widow, Amnesia Haze, Moby Dick, Super Lemon Haze and the Banana Kush, which I am reviewing today on the blog.

Originals CBD describe their Banana Kush as:

A real strong Banana smelling scent oozes from this strain.

Nice compact dense buds, these high CBD hemp buds produce that Kush lock feeling relaxing your body and leaving you with a sense of calm.

Originals CBD hemp flowers are grown in Switzerland under strict EU guidelines and are derived from carmagnola industrial hemp.

Originals CBD - Banana Kush CBD Flower Review

Originals CBD - Banana Kush CBD Flower Review

Originals CBD - Banana Kush CBD Flower Review

Originals CBD - Banana Kush CBD Flower Review

The CBD Blogger Review

Firstly, I would like to start off the review by saying a huge thanks to Originals CBD for getting in touch and very generously providing a variety of samples to review on the blog.

I always like to keep a gauge on the current quality of CBD flower on the market, so I was very happy when Originals CBD offered me the chance to review a handful of their Switzerland grown CBD strains.

I have given them all a nice sample over the past couple of weeks, but the Banana Kush has been the stand-out strain in particular to start the review with.


The Banana Kush from Originals CBD is very well cured and fresh CBD flower.

Extremely dense buds on this one, the camera and pics don’t really show how formed or how tightly nit, compact and dense the buds are on the Banana Kush.

The Banana Kush is virtually all flower, little to no leaf or trim at all.

Light green buds, glistening with trichomes and some orange pistols close up.

Overall, the Banana Kush is some top quality, well cured, Swiss grown CBD flower.

Out of all the Originals CBD strains I have had the pleasure of sampling, I would say the Banana Kush is probably the best cured of them all.

Smell, Taste & Flavour:

Upon opening the black vinyl pack, you are instantly greeted with sweet, fruity and skunky terpenes.

The Banana Kush has a really distinctive terpene profile, it’s one I’ve come across quite a few times, especially over the past few years with what I suspect Swiss grown flower being sold as “real flower” locally.

There is some slight notes of hemp, but overall the flavour is a tasty blend of sweet, fruity and skunky cannabis terps.

Flavour profile: Sweet, Fruity, Skunky


Originals CBD Banana Kush has been one of the most medicinal CBD flower strains I have reviewed so far here at The CBD Blog.

The Banana Kush is one of the best strains I have tried for calming my stress and anxiety symptoms, I can actually feel it physically relax my heart rate and autonomic nervous system.

I have been having lots of interrupted poor sleep once again recently, and one of the most prominent benefits I have noticed after vaping Originals CBD Banana Kush was being able to get a good, relaxed sleep for once without waking up numerous times over the night.

The stress and anxiety reduction benefits, especially over the course of the night, make the Banana Kush an excellent medicinal evening CBD strain for me as someone with C-PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Going to give the Banana Kush a 10 out of 10 effect wise as it’s an excellent medicinal CBD strain.


I’m thoroughly impressed with my first introduction to Originals CBD products with their tasty and medicinal Banana Kush.

The Swiss CBD is slightly different in flavour and effect than the Italy/EU and US grown CBD I have found, so if you are looking for something different, definitely check out Originals CBD range of strains.

We also have lots more reviews coming for Originals CBD products soon including their Apple Pie, Amnesia Haze, Moby Dick and White Widow.



£10.99 per gram or discounts for larger quantities. Currently on sale at £8.79 per gram.


  • Strain Name: Banana Kush
  • Vendor: Originals CBD

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase check out Originals CBD at: Originals CBD

For informational purposes only. Not intended for any other purposes, implied or otherwise.


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