H-Town Hemp – 500mg CBD Neon Bottles Review

H-Town Hemp - 500mg CBD Neon Bottles Review

This week’s CBD edibles product review and up this time we have the tasty 500mg CBD Neon Gummy Bottles from H-Town Hemp.

H-Town Hemp are a United Kingdom based premium CBD retailer with a vast range including CBD Oils, CBD Gummies, CBD Hemp Tea, CBD Vape products and much more.

Each Neon Gummy Bottle contains 25mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) per piece.

20 Neon Gummy Bottles per tub. (500mg CBD)

H-Town Hemp - 500mg CBD Neon Bottles Review

H-Town Hemp - 500mg CBD Neon Bottles Review

H-Town Hemp - 500mg CBD Neon Bottles Review

The CBD Blogger Review

Firstly I would like to start off the review by once again saying a huge thanks to H-Town Hemp for the samples and the continued support as always.

I placed an order for some Delta 8 infused gummies and syrup from H-Town Hemp and they very generously sent me some of their 25mg Neon CBD Gummy Bottles to review.

I’m a huge fan of the neon style gummies, they have one of the best texture’s and consistency out of all the different types of CBD gummies on the market in my opinion.

H-Town Hemp are also one of my favorite CBD brands in the United Kingdom for quality, so I was really looking forward to seeing how their Neon CBD Gummy Bottles compared in taste, flavour and effect to other brands of gummies.

Taste & Flavour:

H-Town Hemp’s CBD Neon Gummy Bottles are absolutely bursting with fruity sweet flavour.

The Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract is completely disguised in taste, so makes for a great choice for those that don’t like strong tasting CBD gummies.

I find the CBD Neon Gummy Bottles very moreish flavour wise, definitely some of the most tasty CBD gummies out there.  Packed with flavour.

The sugary coating, texture and consistency of the Neon Gummies are some of the other reasons why the Neon CBD gummies are my favorite.


H-Town Hemp’s CBD Neon Gummy Bottles are infused with 25mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD per piece.

Very potent and effective CBD gummies from H-Town Hemp.

Broad-Spectrum CBD gummies are my favorite for effect, you can always depend on Broad Spectrum CBD extracts to produce a nice, calming anti-anxiety and mild anti-depressant, mood boosting effect.

Even with high tolerance to CBD (Cannabidiol) and other cannabinoids, I find one 25mg CBD Neon Gummy Bottle to be a good strong dose of CBD.

I really liked starting my day and morning with H-Town Hemps 25mg CBD Neon Gummy Bottles and find they set me up good for the day health wise.

Very effective gummies overall and 25mg per piece is the perfect dose of CBD for me, strong enough to get a good medicinal Cannabidiol effect, but not enough to make me too tired or unfunctional.


Another great product from the H-Town Hemp team.

Great flavour, taste, effect and price at £15.00 per a tub of twenty Neon Gummy Bottles.

I see H-Town Hemp have also got some new interesting gummy related products instock with their CBD + CBN Gummies that are infused with melatonin, which I’m eyeing up reviewing next.

Highly recommend H-Town Hemp, always reliable and top quality.



£15.00 per tub of 20 gummies.


Broad Spectrum CBD Extract, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Water, Beef Gelatine (Halal), Modified Potato Starch, Acidulants (E330, E270, E296), Flavourings, Gelling Agent (Carnauaba Wax), Colours (E171, E100, E133, E129)

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase H-Town Hemps products, check out their website at: H-Town Hemp

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