Rebelicious Drinks – 15mg CBD Infused Cream Soda Drink Review

Rebelicious Drinks – 15mg CBD Infused Cream Soda Drink Review

This week’s CBD product review, and up this time we have the tasty 15mg CBD Infused Cream Soda flavour drink from Rebelicious Drinks.

Rebelicious are a United Kingdom CBD brand based in Cornwall, who produce a variety of tasty CBD infused carbonated drinks and other CBD products such as their CBD Oil.

They currently have three flavours of CBD infused beverages on offer including their Pink Lemonade, Real Cola and the Cream Soda which I am reviewing on the blog today.

Rebelicious describe their Cream Soda CBD drink as:

A deliciously refreshing, nostalgic taste of cream soda, delicious lightly sparkling drink infused with 15 MG CBD.

No compromises – Made in the UK in 100% recyclable cans. We’ll relax to that!

Contains real Madagascan Vanilla extract.

Rebelicious Drinks – 15mg CBD Infused Cream Soda Drink Review

Rebelicious Drinks – 15mg CBD Infused Cream Soda Drink Review

The CBD Blogger Review

I decided to drop into my local CBD Shop here in Dundee, Scotland called CBD Infusions, which has an amazing selection of both their own and other brands CBD products.

I noticed that they stocked Rebelicious Drinks CBD Infused Beverages and as past followers will likely already know, I have been dying to try their Cream Soda flavoured CBD drink for a LONG time now!

So I picked up a few cans of their Cream Soda and Pink Lemonade flavour to review on the blog.

Taste & Flavour:

Cream Soda was one of my favorite nostalgic flavours of fizzy drinks growing up, so when I noticed that Rebelicious Drinks offered a CBD infused version, I knew I had to try.

Cream Soda is one of these flavours you either love or hate, but for me I really like the sweet, soft, fizzy vanilla taste.

As I expected Rebelicious Drinks is an authentic sweet shop style fizzy Cream Soda and is packed full of flavour.

The taste of the CBD is completely masked and all you get is the tasty Cream Soda flavour.

Great taste overall, really looking forward now to seeing how their Pink Lemonade compares.


I was extremely impressed with the CBD effect from Rebelicious Drinks 15mg CBD Infused Cream Soda drink.

Sometimes I find CBD infused carbonated beverages to be slightly hit-and-miss as far as effect goes, but Rebelicious Drinks Cream Soda had an amazing medicinal CBD effect.

Not only do you get a really nice mild fast-acting calming CBD effect whilst drinking after around a 1/4 to 1/2 a can.

But what I noticed around bed-time was that my body was significantly more relaxed than usual and that my anxiety which has been particularly bad in the evening, was much reduced over the night.

The anti-anxiety effect was very noticeable over the duration of the night and my sleep was slightly improved as a result.

For just 15mg of CBD per can, I was highly impressed as I say with the nice medicinal effect of Rebelicious Drinks Cream Soda.


Really enjoyed my Cream Soda CBD drink from Rebelicious Drinks.

For just 15mg CBD, the effect is definitely one of the best I’ve encountered so far from a CBD infused carbonated beverage product.

Given how much I love the nostalgic flavour of Cream Soda and how long I’ve been waiting to try Rebelicious Drinks CBD version, the taste and flavour was spot on.

Looking forward to trying their other flavours such as their Pink Lemonade and their Real Cola, as I’m a huge fan of coca cola also.  So a CBD infused variety sounds very tempting.

We also have the product review coming soon for Rebelicious Drinks Pink Lemonade flavour 15mg CBD Infused Drink, so keep tuned on our blog for updates.



£16.80 per 6 pack


Water, Sugar, Acidity regulator: Lactic Acid, Natural flavourings, Madagascan Vanilla extract, Sweetener: Steviol glycosides, CBD (15mg) (Purified Water, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Quillaja Extract, Modified SOY Lecithin, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate)

Allergy advice: For Allergens, see ingredients in BOLD

Where To Purchase

For more information or to purchase Rebelicious Drinks products, check out their official website at: Rebelicious Drinks


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